Summer offer – $0.99 / £0.86 on all of my ebooks

Summer offers seem to be all the rage so I thought I would join in…

All of my Dark Fantasy ebooks are reduced to £0.86p / $0.99

Diary of the displaced
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Chasing Spirits
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Whispers of the Displaced
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The Last to Fall
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As of now Diary of the Displaced┬áis still free on, so I can’t offer you a price reduction on that ;P

REVIEW: Endlessly by CV Hunt *****

I stumbled across this book whilst trawling through the dark fiction sections for something new to read, and I immediately thought “oh, yet another vampire book…”, so I almost passed it by. I’m very glad I didn’t. A quick read of the reviews made me give this one a go, mostly because they all seemed to point out that the vampire weren’t “sparkly”.

I don’t usually read romance unless it has a plot (other than the central love story) that is more than a token to sell a bodice ripper and although this book was probably a little more “romance” than I usually can handle, the rest of the story made up for that tens time over.

This is no fluffy romance book and the author has no qualms about showing you the darker (and more interesting) side of vampires and werewolves and all manner of creatures. I’ve seen some low score reviews that complain about there being too many fantastical creatures all thrown into this story – absolute rubbish. Most of those other creatures are merely mentioned and inclusion of their existence adds more life and scope to the book’s setting.

The plot centres on a few characters (that are very well developed) and their struggle to survive in a situation that gets more and more dangerous as each page is turned. The conclusion is awesome and the twists that you learn throughout the book are all “ahhh!” moments.

I loved it and I’m already waiting for the sequel. This book took me back to the days when I read Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat books and Brian Lumley’s Necroscope series. I also think that Kelley Armstrong and Laurell K Hamilton Fans would love it.

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New Release – The Last to Fall (Novella)

The Last to Fall
(Novella – The Travels of Joseph Dean #1)

In 1926 Joseph Dean was just getting ready to hang himself when the man named Joshua stepped into his cafe and changed his life.
He made Joe an offer – one that would mean travelling through the door to another world to find something that had been lost for nearly two hundred years.
Joe would discover a lot more than that in the years that followed.
The Last to Fall is a Dark Fantasy novella and the first in the series of Joe’s travels in another world.
For anyone who has read Chasing Spirits, this is a chance to hear a familiar voice once more.

$1.83 / £1.14
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Whispers of the Displaced

The Dark Journals Bundle is no longer available since I found too many people buying it just to read the short stories even though they had already bought the two novels included in the bundle. trust e not to see that coming!

So what I’ve done is release the short stories on their own, a lot cheaper.

If you happen to be one of the few people who have bought the bundle just for the short stories, please get in touch rather than getting upset. I’ll fix it.

I’ll try and plan a bit better next time!