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21 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hey Glynn,
    Just finished Diary of the Displaced and left you a review on the product page (listed as “J.T.”). Fabulous work. I loved it all, even Cutterjack ;) I’m going to purchase #2 right now.

    I think you might dig my work, got the same vibe as yours. “Preta’s Realm” is trending hot on Amazon’s Best Seller list today, #8 last time I checked. You can get it for free through Christmas day.

    Hit me up if you want to do a blog swap or anything else.

    Your newest fan,
    J. Thorn

  2. Hi

    I have just finished reading ‘The Broken Lands’ (2nd one in the series I have read) which I absolutely adored. Please can you tell me what the title of the follow up book is called so that I can purchase it?

    • Hi Mary,
      The next book will be “The Corridor”, but I haven’t finished it yet. If you are interested in other books in the same setting, Chasing Spirits tells Reg Weldon’s life story, and all of the other books that I have published are set in the same “universe”.

  3. Hi Mr James.

    Have read all of the Displaced offerings and patiently waiting for The Corridor!

    Any publishing date in sight?

  4. I just read Diary of the Displaced and wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Very unique storyline and very enjoyable to read. I look forward to reading more in the series. Thanks!

  5. My husband and I love all of the books in The Diary Of the Displaced series! We can not wait for The Corridor. Will it be out in 2012? We are so excited and have to read more! Please don’t keep us in the dark too much longer :)

  6. Hi, I first read diary of the displaced last year, re-read it last month, and have bought and read all of your other work in the last two weeks. Love your stories, your style reminds me of the late, great, Ronald Chetwynd Hayes (please take that as a compliment) I hope The Corridor is available soon.

  7. Just finished the Diary of the Displaced omnibus on my kindle. This is just a thanks. I read a lot of indie books and most of them are pretty good to very good. And then, once in a while, I come across the really excellent indie author, like you. I was very ready to read something with substance, something that would captivate me, and The Diary of the Displaced omnibus certainly did that. I would love to read about Eleanor’s search for her family. Any plans for more about her? I’m thrilled you’ve written a bunch of other books and they have all shot to the top of my reading list.

    • Hi Elizabeth! I did intend to get back to the diary series this year, but events conspired against it. Hopefully I will in 2014!

  8. Hi Glynn.
    I’ve been an avid Zombie fiction fan for many year now and I stumbled across your Arisen series a couple of days ago on Amazon. I have to say what rush! Seriously we’ll written and believable characters if somewhat unlucky (but Hell it is a Zulu Alfa after all). Just finished book 4 and can’t wait for 5.
    Good luck!

    • Hi David,
      November the 11th for book 5 !
      Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad you like the series!

    • Thanks for that! I awesome to hear from folks who’ve read any of my books and view them favourably. Rest assured book 4 of the Displaced series IS happening, if a bit slowly.
      Can’t promise release dates, but I CAN promise that the book will not be what readers are expecting!

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